The Laureate Summer Enrichment Program 2015


Toddlers, Preschoolers, 5-6 Year-olds, & 7-8 Year-olds


Did you know that The Laureate School can be a great place to spend your summer, if you’re between the ages of 1 ½ and 8 years old? Well, it can. Where else can you travel virtually through space, paint, sing and dance, learn Mandarin Chinese (1st session only) and Spanish, study bugs and plants, take nature walks, frolic in a water park on the premises, have ice cream fun, and more? Every day will be a celebration of life, learning and friendship. Believing is being here at the beautiful Laureate campus, so come help us celebrate summer!

Students may sign up for one or two sessions. Toddlers and preschoolers can choose three or five days per week and full or half days. Five to eight your olds have a five day per week, full day schedule.  A minimum of six students per program are needed.

1st 4-wk Session: June 15 – July 10 (4th of July falls on a Saturday this year.)

2nd 4-wk Session: July 13 – August 7


Toddler Summer Program Features for 1 ½ to 2 /1/2-Year-olds:

  • Session 1: Fun activities related to the theme, “Playground Camping”
  • Reading books in tents
  • Nature walk/Scavenger Hunts through the amazing Laureate Garden
  • Arts, crafts, and flannel board stories related to camping and the outdoors
    • Session 2: Exciting activities related to the theme, “Our Nearby Ocean”
    • Water play with sprinklers and beach umbrellas and chairs
    • Ocean animal arts, crafts, and stories

Preschool Summer Program Features for 2 ½ to 5-Year-olds:

  • Planting an Herb Garden
  • A to Z Scavenger Hunt
  • Make Your Own Smoothie
  • Game Day (favorite game from home)
  • Outdoor Painting Party
  • Laureate Movie Day with Popcorn
  • Special Story Hour with Puppet Show and Picnic on the Grass
  • Rinosaur Lunch and Fossil Hunt

Kindergarten/First Grade Program Features for 5 and 6-Year-olds:

  • Clay Sculpture
  • Paint Like the Masters!
  • Drawing
  • Craft Creations
  • Virtual Space Travel
  • Nature Walks
  • Bug & Plant Study
  • Sing and Dance Your Heart Out!
  • Drama
  • Reading Time
  • Story Writing
  • Math Fun
  • Fairy Tales Brought to Life
  • Outings

2nd / 3rd Grade Program Features for 7 and 8-Year-olds:

  • Reader's Theater
  • Author's Corner
  • Shuffling into Math
  • Science Concoctions
  • Puppet Pizzazz
  • Art and Literacy
  • Board Games Galore!
  • Spanish Language Fun
  • Weaving
  • Nature Walks
  • Creative Crafting: beading, stamping, marbling, paper making, sewing, book making, stenciling & paper mache
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